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Explosive Metalworking Experts 


High Energy Metals, Inc. (HEMI) specializes in explosive metalworking. The most common explosive metalworking technique is explosive welding, also known as explosive bonding or explosive cladding.  This metalworking technique uses controlled detonations to force dissimilar metals into a high-quality, metallurgically bonded joint. The transition joint has high mechanical strength, is ultra-high vacuum tight and can withstand drastic thermal excursions.


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Explosion Welding of Dissimilar Metals


   Explosion welding or bonding is a solid state welding process that is used for the metallurgical joining of dissimilar metals. The process uses the forces of controlled detonations to accelerate one metal plate into another creating an atomic bond. Explosion bonding can introduce thin, diffusion inhibiting interlayers such as tantalum and titanium, which allow conventional weld-up installation.  Also explosive welding is considered a cold-welding process which allows metals to be joined without losing their pre-bonded properties.


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Design/Build Capabilities


   High Energy Metals has access to dedicated CNC machining and the engineering expertise to design and build products that incorporate explosion bonded joints.  Aluminum/stainless Con-Flat™-type vacuum flanges, high-power microwave electronic packages and threaded bosses are some examples. Founders Don Butler and Dave Brasher have 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of explosion bonded components and can help with any potential application.

 SS/Al Bi-metallic Boss 3/4" Dia





    Dissimilar metal explosion bonded joints are applied anywhere a  designer needs to make a high-quality transition between metals. Typical uses include ultra-high vacuum joints between aluminum, copper and stainless steel, corrosion resistant claddings on mild steel substrates, and alloy aluminum joined to low-expansion rate metals for electronic packages. Powder metal products such as Glidcop™ and Al-SiC can be joined to wrought metal without thermal excursions. Difficult metals such as beryllium, Al-Be alloys and rhenium can be joined with explosion bonding.


3" Diameter Al/SS Ring


Aluminum / Stainless 2.0" Cryogenic Fitting



Argonne National Lab Copper/Stainless 12" UHV Assembly







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